Frances & Jeroen in India

After having lived in Kansas City from August 2009 until August 2012 we started our Indian adventure late August 2012. Our Kansas website, Frances and Jeroen in Kansas, is still here. We had an absolute wonderful time in the good old US of A! Loved it! Made many new friends, lived, explored and experienced this remarkable country for three years. We had been counting on a fourth year, but then Delhi, India came along. So we packed up our stuff, sold a lot on Graigs list, and of course, shipped my Jaguar to the Netherlands to go in storage! I mean, a man must have priorities!

Moving from Kansas City USA to New Delhi, India has the been one of the most miserable experiences of our life. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Took over four months to get our stuff in Delhi 

Anyway, we made it to Delhi, and so did our stuff, eventually.

We spent four months in the Leela hotel in Gurgaon waiting for our shipment from Kansas City to arrive. It finally did and we’re very happy to report that we have a very nice apartment in the South of Delhi. Frances has been running around Delhi, buying up Indian antiques at, or so I’m told, bargain prices! Our Indian bank sents me a SMS and an e-mail of each and every transaction the minute it occurs. My mobile phone hasn’t stopped buzzing with new messages since we landed! Never the less, the apartment really looks nice and it does feel like home. And that is important because we are set to stay here for a number of years.

We have been exploring this huge and very diverse country quite a bit. So plenty to fill this web site with. Weekend trips, day trips or just amazing stuff. And I’ve taken up a new hobby.

We hope you enjoy our adventures. There is no guestbook on this website. Nowhere to leave your comments. If we know you, you know us and you can mail us. We’d love to hear from you.

Frances and Jeroen

New Delhi
April 2013